Lakes and rivers
Lake Rosenshine – the legacy of the last ice age in Europe. They are very young by the standards of nature and of eternity – only 10-12 thousand years. The…

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Salt lake Sol-Iletsk
About salt lakes, Sol-Iletsk “the Most wonderful doctor – nature, Though, because heals Three-quarters of all diseases…” The City Of Sol-Iletsk . located 70 km from the city of Orenburg…

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“volcanic lake”

Costa Rica

In 1502 Christopher Columbus, during the fourth voyage to America, was forced to take refuge from a heavy storm in the Bay, where there were further large Costa Rican port of Limon.

Here a Caravel, the Explorer met aborigines Redskins sported lots of gold jewelry.

“For the first two days — written by Columbus to his homeland to Spain, I saw on this earth. more gold than four years in the island of Hispaniola” (Haiti).

New land Columbus gave the name “Costa Rica”, translated from the Spanish “rich coast”.

However, the great Navigator made a mistake. Gold and silver were in Costa Rica not so much. The Indians in their development remained at the level of the stone age. Although we have achieved considerable success in the manufacture of gold ornaments, pottery and stone carving.

Modern Costa Rica

From the North, from Nicaragua South to Panama, Costa Rica crosses the transcontinental highway by car you can travel the country in one day.

Almost all the time the road goes in the mountains. The closer to the South, the mountains become higher. The window flashing snow-capped mountain peaks, steaming cones of volcanoes, deep chasms, waterfalls with a rainbow above them, wild rivers in narrow gorges, and blue volcanic lakes, mountain slopes with lush tropical vegetation.

In the mountains at an altitude from 1000 to 1500 m is located Meseta Central (Central plateau), where almost 90% of the population. Here are situated the main cities of the country: the capital San Jose, the former capital Cartago, Heredia, Alajuela, and others.

Coffee trees grow directly in city suburbs, and banana plantations are mostly located along the railway, connecting the capital with Lemon, and on the coasts.

Tourists call Costa Rica the most enjoyable and comfortable for living country in Latin America.

It is the only state in the region, which has no army, whose functions entrusted to the police.

“Tico” as it is called in the neighboring countries of Costa Ricans DPO are proud of the fact that they have more teachers than policemen. This is the most enlightened Republic in Central America .

Fertile soils, favourable climate for agriculture and tourism, the reserves of gold, silver, manganese, oil and other minerals provide Costa Rica all the conditions for it to flourish.

San Jose

The capital of Costa Rica San Jose is located among picturesque green hills.

The city is the national theatre, an exact replica of the Paris Opera. This building, decorated with figures of angels, painted and gilded, was built in the last years of the nineteenth century during the coffee boom, when the Costa Rican planters began to get involved in art and by investing significant funds, to invite from Europe artists, actors, architects and musicians.

San Jose is a city with a nice architecture, where modern buildings blend harmoniously with Spanish colonial architecture. In residential quarters the houses are mostly small, one-story, light, neat and tidy, standing nearby, surrounded by gardens and parks.

San Jose differs from other cities of Central America a significant predominance of buildings of wooden structures. I am private and strong earthquakes.

From the Central square of the city on the North-East you’ll see the four that reside on the same solid base, active volcanoes.

In San Jose several times I started building a stone Cathedral of the city, but powerful tremors destroyed him before builders had time to get to the roof. The ruins of the Cathedral still silently remind you about it.

The inhabitants of the Costa Rican capital differ from their noisy and motile Latin American counterparts not only character but also appearance, manners, calm behavior, taste, clothing. They are more like the Europeans.