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Lake Boundary - the Sale of luxury plot on the beach under the estate or estate. If You ever have the chance to travel from Moscow to St Petersburg, You…

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Climate: Tropical monsoon climate. From November to March the humidity reaches 95% at a temperature of 30ş - it can adversely affect people with poor health; it is recommended to…

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The Best places for bird watching

Late spring is the best time for observing birds. For fans to look out for in binoculars rare species of birds we have compiled a list of places where nature can enjoy the amazing bird diversity.

Reserves The UK

In the country that gave the world such unusual Hobbies, such as destinations, bird watching has become a real mania. Millions of Brits, young and old, armed with binoculars, a pocket reference types under the code name “Field keys” and notepads for taking notes, go for the most humane hunt in the world of cameras. The choice of locations for review at the British Isles great: even to check on the most popular sites, you will need more than one week. In Poole harbour in Dorset stop to rest about 30 thousand birds flying from the North in a warm land of Africa, Cape Spurn in Yorkshire is going to more than 15 thousands of albatrosses, petrels and terns, and to discover rare red-eyed wirinom no place is better than the Paradise of the Scilly Isles, lying just off the coast of Cornwall. If you are on an unforgettable journey, add to your list of must-see bird sanctuary at Cape Dungeness, the Scottish valley where winds the river tweed, the magnificent Isle of Skye, a mysterious secluded recess of Wales and a huge marine lake Strangford-Loch, hidden amongst the emerald landscapes of Northern Ireland.

Turov meadow, Belarus

If you have successfully spent time in England, visiting bird fairs and seminars the Royal society for the protection of birds, take part in the competition for the greatest number of birds captured. To beat the record of idols who managed to see live more than 5,000 species, have a look at the Belarusian Turov meadow – bird area of international importance. Houses with experience assure the density of the habitat of wetland birds, sometimes up to hundreds of pairs per hectare of the territory of the largest in Belarus nests. Always have a “Red book”, after all, behind every Bush and tussock, probably hiding her lively illustrations. Cute colony of ringed Plovers here side by side with huge flocks of birds and photogenic, as usual garganeys and black-headed gulls – with mottled snipe, arranging complex mating currents. The main hero of the Polesie reserve is the small snipe-mardenka, for unknown reasons, left the Scandinavian homeland and settled in the Gomel region – in his honor here even erected a monument. While Turov meadow is still not very popular and welcome any guests: there are the national Championships for the photoshoot and Festivals Kulikov.

Wildlife sanctuaries USA

Since then, as in the 1930s beginners seekers of birdsong, destinations in the United States reached truly epic proportions. What for some was a fascinating, although very expensive hobby, for others it has turned into a successful business. In America has a few small firms and four major organizations involved in the maintenance of the 50 million bird lovers. Their services are in great demand: for each group of birdwatchers, consisting of 6-10 people, are allocated your guide and working on a special route, designed taking into account the physical capabilities and preferences of its customers. The choices are endless. In the National Park Bentsen Rio in Great valley you can observe the migration of hawks, Estero Llano Grande in Texas for waders, ibises and spoonbills, and located in the same state, the wildlife center, Scenic Wetlands – Baker’s dozen species of ducks and kingfishers. No less interesting for wildlife photography and field Harriers in Cape may, new Jersey, and acquaintance with 250 species of birds in Oregon, and visits to the sanctuaries of the valley of the Platte river, Indiana, Wisconsin or Arkansas.

Gujarat, India

Among birdwatchers there is a belief that real birdwatcher easily recognize the object of their observations by voice or by flapping wings. If you are not confident in their abilities, have a look at the best bird spots and admire the beauty and variety of the feathered Kingdom. One such place is the Indian state of Gujarat that serves as a natural boundary between the two paths of bird migration. During the year hundreds of species traveling from North and Central Asia in warm Africa and the Middle East, the Indian Peninsula, stop here for a rest. Taking a telescope and photographic equipment, go to the Kutch region. Many centuries have passed since then, how the sea was splashing: it was replaced by swampy lowlands and colorful lakes. One click of the camera shutter – and a huge flock of pink flamingos, a smooth flap of their wings, embarks on a fascinating flight over the “Island of Flamingos”. Click – here for the stone beak appear harsh Northern Kulik-lopatna, which went nowhere, among the salt marshes of the reserve “Nalsarovar”. In Gujarat is actively developing “AVI-tourism”, and hosts international conferences of bird watchers.

Virolahti, Finland

If you are seriously interested in the pursuit of the bird of happiness and like Charles Darwin wonder why all the others haven’t become watchers, take foot in hand and go on the Russian-Finnish border. In late may in the municipality of Virolahti start “Days of the Arctic”. Twice a year Arctic birds returning from wintering off the coast of the North sea to breeding grounds in the Arctic ocean, stopping in Estonia and once again hit the road, flying over the Gulf of Finland. Bird-watchers assure that nothing compares with the moment when over his head, slowly waving wings, fly millions of birds. Noticing how a lot of guests assembled in Finland during the “Arctic”, enterprising locals have created a special place to watch geese, cormorants, long-tailed ducks, gegarkuni, swans and wintering. Leerviikintie 120 installed on the telescope, is available for renting ornithological equipment, seminars and running field kitchen. For those who want to see more, organized a four-hour boat trips accompanied by a professional ornithologist.


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