The Mysterious Burial of the lake
Travel Lake Mogilny – the hydrological nature monument of the Murmansk region. It is located on the island of Kildin in the Barents sea a mile from the Kola Peninsula.…

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Lakes of the world. Unusual lake. Lakes of the world
Lakes, formed from river oxbow lakes, are relatively small. Large arose in other ways. Some in valleys, blocked by avalanche or moraines, rock ridges left by retreating and now-vanished glaciers…

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The Asian carp

This is an unusual video about the invasion of Asian silver carp caught on Wabash river (Wabash River) in the Midwest, mark Kirby (Mark Kirby) and his partner Brendan Kearns (Kearns Brendan). According to specialists, the most famous lake in the USA and Canada are on the verge of this ecological disaster. Silver carp, imported once from Kazakhstan (behind the ocean it is called Asian carp), has spread to the waterways of the New world with an incredible scale.

It all started with the fact that in 70-e years of the last century of American fishermen, not thinking about the consequences, brought a few specimens of silver carp and silver carp, which were caught in lake Balkhash to “imported” fish destroyed the excess of algae in the Illinois river. As a result of voracious migrant not only coped with the task set before him, but began to seize new territory, harassing the local fish. Now before American experts had a new goal — to prevent the spread of Asian (silver) carp in the Great lakes.

Interestingly, the number of carp in our area, as a rule, regulates the pike, not allowing him to multiply excessively. But in the rivers Illinois and Mississippi pike no. In addition, Americans believe that silver carp absolutely inedible because of the abundance of small bones, so the carp remain intact and quietly increases its population. He is so feel at ease in these parts, that grows to incredible for your type of dimensions, reaching sometimes the weight about 4-5 kg.

By the way, because of the abundance of this fish in the inhabitants of America has a new hobby – the hunt for carp with bow and arrows! But even that can’t slow its reproduction. To still save the great lakes, the specialists have constructed an electric barrier barrier on the Chicago canal that Romeoville (Illinois). Says Cameron Davis, Executive Director of the Alliance of the Great lakes if Asian carp get into the Great lakes, it will be comparable to that of a real virus attack on a computer that does not have an antivirus program. Maybe Americans should think about how to breed in the rivers of the Balkhash pike. )