The Amazing lakes of the world
The majority of large and small lakes is not only a source of drinking water, but also important tourist sites. Before you eight amazing lakes in the world. Let's find…

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UNIQUE LAKE ABRAHAM. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries
Stunning lake Abraham, located in Alberta, Canada. It looks incredibly calm and picturesque, in spite of the fact that something threatening and explosive hidden under the surface. A clear bluish-white…

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The Amazing lakes of the world – interesting World news

Lake – water, which filled in a certain range and are not connected to sea or ocean. A large part of the lakes are sources of drinking water. But many also notable as tourist attractions. We offer you a list of the most amazing lakes that exist on our planet.

The Lake Titicaca . Peru and Bolivia

This is the largest mountain lake in freshwater. The area of lake Titicaca is 8,300 square kilometers. The shore of a pond overgrown with reeds, from which the locals make clothes, bags, hats, houses, etc.

Lake Chonji ,the border of China and North Korea

Lake Chonji called “heavenly lake”. It is the highest crater lake. It is located at a height of 2189 m above sea level. On horseback you can ride the mountain trails around the lake.

The Crater Lakes . USA

One of the cleanest lakes in the world is crater lake. From late spring to October, travelers can enjoy the amazing views. At other times the road length 53 km, around the lake is closed.

The Lake Nakuru . Kenya

Lake Nakuru is a haven for small flamingos. Tens of thousands of birds create a canvas of pink. Besides flamingos there are more than 400 species of other birds. The lake belongs to the national Park Nakuru, so on the shores of the lake you can find zebras, giraffes, leopards etc.

Lake Kliluk . Canada

In summer season, when most of the water of the lake evaporates, the minerals harden, forming walkways between small lakes. There are 365 pieces. Lake Kliluk is a conservation area.

Lake Jiuzhaigou . China

Daily reserve Jiuzhaigou arrives hundreds of tourists to enjoy the scenic views. The main attraction of the wilderness protection zone is five flower Lake. It is unique as it does not freeze in winter, and for unexplained reasons, has crystal clear water.

Lake Peach Lake . Trinidad and Tobago

Lake Peach lake consists of liquid forms of natural asphalt, which is enough to mankind for another 4 centuries. The pond is annually visited by over 20 thousand people.

Lake Hiller is famous all over the world through the color of water in it. It has a pink color. And this fact still can not explain the researchers.