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The Orenburg-Moscow: tickets on salt lake

The issue of work recreational areas have already been addressed in many regions of Russia. Of course, most of these areas are located in the SFD and NCFD, as there is a large part of the sanatorium-resort institutions.

But in the South Urals also have a unique lake, composition of water which is not inferior in its healing properties the Dead sea in Israel. Tickets from Orenburg to Moscow was purchased by members of the government of the Orenburg region more than once. And this allowed the cluster to include in the Federal target program “Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation “.

In “Salt lake” to invest about 6 billion rubles

Due to the fact that this project was included in the Federal target program, the Orenburg region have the opportunity to fully apply the mechanisms of public-private partnership. At the Eurasian economic forum which was held in Orenburg Governor Yury Berg announced record figures: total investment in Sol-Iletsk salt lake will be more than 6 billion rubles. To date, only in summer on the lakes rests and heals more than 500,000 people annually. Some of them booked return tickets from Orenburg to Moscow. Salt lakes have significant potential that is not used by more than a third.

Public-private partnerships: outcome of the work

For such a mechanism is not new. In the Orenburg region adopted its first regional law on public-private partnership that is ahead of the Federal deadline. After the adoption of the document in the direction Orenburg-Moscow tickets were in high demand among businessmen and politicians.

Thanks to the PPP law in the gas capital of Russia and Orsk were built hemodialysis centers. Then came the erection of a maternity hospital in Kuvandik. Joint efforts were implemented major projects in the field of housing and communal services. The development of tourist-recreational zone is also in the field of PPP.

Tourist-recreation cluster “Salt lakes”

The goal of this project is the formation by 2020 of a developed tourism system, which will operate year-round. The project has support at the regional and Federal level. It is planned that its realisation will pass in two stages: until 2015 should be completed the main construction works. In the period 2016-2018, will be withdrawn at full capacity recreational complex “Salt lake”, Sol-Iletsk recreational and health-improving complex and the hotel complex on the basis of the regional hospital. By this time in the direction Orenburg-Moscow tickets will offer Russian airlines.

It is planned to build 16 hotels with a total room capacity of more than 340 rooms. The project will be reconstructed base of rest “Black Yar” (in its territory will build a village of yurts and private houses). For residents of the Orenburg region will be built a rustic family club.

The infrastructure will include shopping and entertainment center, amusement Park, contact mini-zoo, cinema, city centre rentals and interactive Museum of the Cossacks.

Separate direction of development of the project “Culinary street”, in which will participate the 6 restaurants.

Salt lakes of Sol-Iletsk is the only in Russia the mineral complex of lakes that include 6 lakes. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that each of them has different composition. Here come the people suffering from diseases of the joints, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and musculoskeletal system.