The Asian carp
This is an unusual video about the invasion of Asian silver carp caught on Wabash river (Wabash River) in the Midwest, mark Kirby (Mark Kirby) and his partner Brendan Kearns…

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Of Karelia. Holidays in Karelia
lake Onega Lake Onega is the second largest lake in Europe. It is smaller than half of lake Ladoga (maximum depth 120 m) and contains 3 times less water. But…

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“volcanic lake”

Island of lemurs – Madagascar

A holiday in Madagascar

Located in the Indian ocean off the Southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is considered the fourth largest largest island in the world (its area 592000 km2).

The island is separated from the mainland by wide Mozambique channel. Madagascar – this is a fragment of the ancient African platform composed of hard metamorphic and crystalline rocks: granite, schist, gneiss, separated by about 165 million years ago from the African continent. Some time a new island was drifting to the East, taking with them a large variety of animal and plant species.

The island nation of Madagascar is a very specific and exotic country in the world. She is one of the poorest in economic terms and one of the richest region of bio diversity. Of the 200,000 species of animals and plants of Madagascar, a 150 000 are found nowhere else in the world (approximately 5 percent of the total species diversity of flora and fauna of our planet). In Madagascar at least 13000 species of plants, of which 80 percent are endemic and 3 500 have medicinal properties. The island has no large mammals, except imported here allowed, but there are various species of small insectivorous animals, reptiles (including crocodiles) and lemurs. Madagascar – island over 1,000 species of orchids, 7 species of baobabs, which are almost nowhere else in the world are growing, the largest butterflies, green monkeys and a variety of chameleons.

There are no luxurious resorts and hotels, Madagascar – it is a Paradise for true connoisseurs of the exotic: deserts, beaches, mountains, ocean, jungle and lavandovye woodland with baobabs and palm trees. Natural attractions of the island are extremely diverse, ranging from the placers semi-precious and precious stones and ending with the waterfalls, geysers, and the stunning beauty of the lakes formed in the craters of extinct volcanoes.

Due to the significant length of the country (almost 1600 km) from North to South and the mountainous topography that create substantial differences in the distribution of moisture and heat, the landscapes of Madagascar are extremely diverse. Here you can see the wet sub-Equatorial evergreen forest and mountain meadows, mangroves and coasts located in the southwest tropical semi-deserts. Once the island was “all covered with greenery”, but today most of the forests were cut down. Only in the East left little greenery – it grows unique tropical forest.

Surrounding the island warm waters of the Indian ocean is rich in various species of commercial fish, which fishing is a traditional occupation of the local population. Off the coast of Madagascar shark in the ocean so you can swim only in the lagoons and in places where access to the shore the sharks cover coral reefs.

The tropical climate on the coast, temperate inland and arid in the South. Madagascar has two seasons: the rainy season lasts from November to April and the dry season from may to October. But it is characterized by large differences in climate due to elevation and position relative to dominant winds. Mean monthly temperatures range from +13 to +30 C. to an Even greater extent than air temperature changes the amount of precipitation that come here quite often. Soil fertility and adequate moisture create opportunities for agriculture, including for the treatment of such tropical crops as vanilla, coffee, cocoa, cloves, etc. Thanks to good rainfall, the island is rich in large and small rivers.

Madagascar is in the possession of one state, occupying several neighboring Islands (Nosy be, Nosy-Vuruna, Nosy-Mitsiu, Nosy Wow, Nosy Lava, Nosy-Mangabe).

Last independent Kingdom, Madagascar in 1896 it became a French colony, but regained independence in 1960 administratively the country is divided into the province of Toliara, Toamasina, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga, Antananarivo, Antsiranana. They all have the same centers.

The capital-Antananarivo ( means “City of a thousand warriors”), or simply tan. The city spreads between 2 hills which slopes are covered with houses and is a real maze of alleys, streets, over which the hanging terraces, arches and balconies. The main cultural attraction of the capital – Palace complex Ruva Ambuhimanga, consisting of 4 palaces: Mandzakamiadana (XVII century), Tranavaluna, Mahitsilafandzaka, Manampisoa (1866) and tombs of the kings of Madagascar. All other “attractions” – the administrative building.

The neighborhood of the capital – the rolling hills, waterfalls, rice fields, volcanic lakes Tritriva, Andraikiba and Catamaran. Here you can see the ruins of the castle of the king Ralambo, the Palace and fortress of king Andrianampoinimerina.

Best island of lemurs to enjoy nature. To do this, it offers tourists the garden of Besharati in the quarter Andravoahangy, Tsimbazaza Park with a Botanical garden, Museums of paleontology and archaeology, the Centre of the farming Masuria farm and CROC-farm-best farm for breeding crocodiles. There are a huge number of reserves: Berent, Bemaraha, Tsimanampetsotsa, Ankarafantsika, Tsaratanana, Lokobe, Mountain of Ambre, Betampona, Marojejy, Andasibe. Hiking in national parks and reserves of Madagascar will give You a lasting impression from the meeting with the rare wildlife of the Islands: lemurs, chameleons, bats, flying foxes and giant butterflies, their wingspan reaches up to 30 cm.

Enjoy the local beauty together with relaxation at the Spa, Antsirabe, near which is located the Madagascar miracle-Dead lake, very deep (400 m) and relatively small (50×100 m). In clear water, black nobody lives.

Currently due to the unstable political situation and security tourism in the country fell to decay, therefore, if you travel to this country need to think.