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Unique lake hévíz
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The Lake Turgoyak


The miracle of Russia — the lake Turgoyak

The miracle of Russia — lake Turgoyak is located in the southern Urals in Chelyabinsk region. Let me take you on an amazing voyage in a rich land with beautiful scenery.

There is a beautiful legend about how there was a unique lake. Once, long ago in the Urals was traveling a young man by the name of the Tour. He wandered between the mountain ranges and met a girl named Gojak. She was just as beautiful as it is sad. The youth learned from the story of the girl that the evil witch has lost her sight and heal her only the purest water in the world.

Then the young man went on a long journey on lake Baikal and in his hands brought healing waters. The girl was washed and received my sight, and those drops that fell to the ground turned into a beautiful lake, which he named Turgoyak. So says the ancient Bashkir legend.

South Ural — one of the richest regions of Russia. In the interior contain great quantities of gold, platinum, copper, minerals and gems. But the main wealth of this region are the numerous lakes. Often this region is called «Ural Switzerland».

Most of the reservoirs located in mountainous terrain. Turgoyak lake holds many legends and historical facts. The unique composition of the water-meter line known throughout the world. Lake Turgoyak is the second largest clean water after lake Baikal.

The degree of water clarity is the depth to 18 meters. The purity and composition of the water in the lake Turgoyak explains a good location. It lies in the granite massif and has a flat bottom. The maximum depth of the lake is 32 meters. Figuratively speaking, going to the big granite bowl with spring water. Rain water is naturally filtered through granite, and «feeds» lake small tributary rivers.

The water in the lake Turgoyak is very little mineral substances and organic impurities, so there is almost no algae and plankton. Year round water in the lake Turgoyak is crystal clear, with a bluish tint. The purity of the water to some extent and contribute to the outputs at the bottom of radon.

The water temperature of lake Turgoyak in the summer, on the surface reaches 23°- 25°C. All depends on the location.

In the eighteenth century the Bashkirs had sold the surrounding land to the merchant from Tula, which had built the first plant for smelting copper. This was the city and Miass, Turgoyak, in which lived the old believers.

A little later in the lake district and found the first gold. Were built more than three hundred mines and gold-fields. Vicinities of Miass covered with gold fever. Even Emperor Alexander I could not resist and during your stay in the city of Miass have experienced the excitement of a gold digger, having produced about 360 kg of gold-bearing rocks.

Prior to the twentieth century a unique region kept its leadership in gold production in the country. Today any vacationer at the lake Turgoyak, you may try yourself as a gold digger. For those wishing to develop special routes in those places where you wash the Golden sand.

Lake Turgoyak, every year it becomes more and more popular among tourists. There are built modern, comfortable hotels, and is actively developing sailing sport. Because the Turgoyak has a very changeable disposition, here the wind constantly changes its direction and strength.

Also there are all conditions for settling in surfing, Quad Biking, so fans of active recreation on the lake Turgoyak. But the most traditional is to stay in tents around the campfire. Lake Turgoyak is the most valuable lake in the world. To save the most important task for all who care about the surrounding natural beauty.