Killarney is a charming Irish town Killarney (which means "Church thorn branch") is located on the coast in the South-Western corner of Ireland. There are well-known lakes of Killarney. The…

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  How many beautiful and amazing places on planet Earth? The answer to this question is nobody knows. Impossible to count them, to study, and then describe each in detail,…

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Ecuador: the Indian town of Otavalo and its surroundings. Love Klyuev, Private guide in Colombia

The journey from Quito to Otavalo is interesting not only because you “EN masse” to buy Souvenirs for all his family and friends — because it was in this Indian town is a huge market of decorative and craft products, is well known throughout Latin America.

Otavalo is interesting not only for the market! Here it is possible to see how South American Indians could “be built” in modern civilization and take its fruits, however, not lost their cultural identity and not become a tourist attraction.

In addition around Otavalo there are lots of scenic natural attractions: this is a eucalyptus forest and a light disposed therein Peguche waterfalls, and high mountain “black” lake Mojanda, and a beautiful volcano Imbabura, at the foot of which a lake, this time a normal blue but with shipping and lots of trout. It (the trout) is served here in the coastal restaurants.

Who likes hand-made, unusual clothes and interior items, that will be interesting to visit “wooden” the village of San Antonio or “leather” the village of Cotacachi, next to which is a very interesting crater lake Cuicocha. It is a rock littered with the crater of a huge volcano: still here you can see how from the bottom (and bottom?) to raise the surface of the water bubble streams of gases underground.

On the “snack” you can go to the colonial city of Ibarra with a glorious military history and many architectural treasures “the Spanish era”. And on the way back to Quito you should definitely stay in the village Cayambe. If you are lucky, you will see the snowy cap of the volcano, which gave the name and the village and its surrounding nature reserve. Well, if the volcano “open” don’t wants, you can just sit at a roadside cafe and be sure to try the local biscuits «biscochos” with hot chocolate.