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Lake Sevan The most beautiful sights in Armenia is, of course, the lake Sevan and its surroundings. And done no wonder then that every tourist who first visited Armenia, seeks…

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The Largest salt lakes in the world
Salt lake should be called a mineral, as such are considered lakes with a salinity of more than 1 per mil (thousandth of). Most often the salt lake endorheic basin,…

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The village “Sosnovo lakes 2”

Information about cottage village “Sosnovo lakes 2”

Jensen Group is one of the largest investment companies of the Russian real estate market. For more than 20 years the company is successfully implementing complex investment projects.

Sosnovo lakes 2:

This 180 parcels from 6 to 30 acres, 4 km from the village of Pine and 67 km from the town.

It is a high quality engineering training. All work will be performed reliable, professional companies that have the requisite licenses and experience. In addition to the minimum required set of engineering, which includes roads, electricity and water winter, for your safety in the village held and mounted fire suppression system. On the streets there are fire hydrants, as well as high-quality pumping station, which will ensure uninterrupted operation of fire suppression systems and water supplies, even in the event of a power outage.

It is safety and convenience. The whole territory is surrounded by a fence. Before the end of the construction works will be one controlled entry area, over time, the entry will be 4.

This is pure drinking water from 2 artesian wells, depth of 200 m.

This is a place for active recreation the whole family: the common zone will be built a football field and a volleyball court, children’s Playground, lawns and walking area.

It’s a beach holiday on the shores of lakes. Already there is a beach at Bast lake. The beaches of Ladoga lake is about 14 km away In the nearest surroundings there are 3 lakes.

To date the village has completed the grading, completed water and too sensitive to areas throughout. Built an entrance area, a Playground and an administrative house. Constructed the road network and the total enclosure of the village. Drilled 2 wells to provide residents with drinking water. Construction of electrical networks and General recreation areas.

You can get there several ways:

From the Finland station to station “Pine”. Trains from Priozersk direction to go every 30 minutes. The last 4 kilometers from the station to “sosnovskikh lakes” you can take the bus (No. 643, No. B).

From the station in the “Devyatkino” to stop “Pine”. Bus “St. Petersburg – Krasnodar” (No. 859) departs every 40 minutes.

From the article “Parnassus” you can take the bus number 960. Every 15 minutes from stop “Pine” to the cottage “Sosnovo lakes” buses (No. 643, No. B).

Scenic Priozersk highway.

Thanks to the new highway St. Petersburg-Sortavala (Novoryazanskoe highway) A-121 by car to the village can be reached in 30-40 minutes. Much of the highway that starts from the ring road in the area ’s Mega-Parnassus”, to Congress in p. Pine have already been commissioned.

Priozersky district is considered one of the most environmentally friendly suburbs of Saint Petersburg. Picturesque landscapes, coniferous forests, beautiful lakes, fresh air – all this, of course, has a beneficial effect on human health.

The developer of the project was the investigation of soils and water from three nearby lakes. According to the results of the examination, the soil belongs to the category of “clean”, water «meets the requirements of water for economic-drinking and cultural-domestic purposes”.


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