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Climate: Tropical monsoon climate. From November to March the humidity reaches 95% at a temperature of 30ş – it can adversely affect people with poor health; it is recommended to wear light clothes made of natural fabrics. The most favorable climate in the period June – September.

Religion: Balinese Hinduism – «hindudharma» (94% of the indigenous population of Bali), Islam (90% of the population of Indonesia), Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism.

Visa regime: From 01.01.2015 the Russian citizens visa-free entry to Indonesia for up to 30 days, visa fee on entry is cancelled. If your stay is more than 30 days (but less than 45), you must open a visa of Indonesia in Moscow. Also a necessary requirement to enter Indonesia Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip.

Rules for hand baggage when travelling to Indonesia: from 21 may 2007 entered into force on the disposal of ICAO rules of transportation of liquids in the cabin for passengers travelling to Indonesia. All containers containing liquids and other products of similar consistence, should have a capacity not exceeding 100ml. these containers must be Packed in transparent, re-sealable plastic bags, the total volume of liquids must not exceed 1 l. Each passenger is entitled to carriage of only one such package and shall present it at the front of the security check. Medicines, baby food and special food that may be needed during the flight can not be placed in a plastic package. Liquids purchased in duty free shops and Packed according to the above requirements, may be confiscated

Rules of conduct: Severe punishment in Indonesia is stipulated for the import, purchase, sale and use of drugs. When visiting Hindu temples it is desirable to have socks: inside the entrance is allowed only barefoot. It is prohibited to photograph images of the Buddha.

Water: Water from the tap to drink should not be, moreover, that mineral water is sold everywhere, and in many hotels (4* – 5* – in almost all) in-room dining brought bottled water (free). All hotels (even 3*) are free tea/coffee making facilities (kettle, instant coffee, tea bags, sugar).

A Deposit in the hotel : Upon arrival at the hotel You will be charged a Deposit of about 100-500.e. (depending on the hotel, the hotel St.Regis, Deposit $ 1,000) in cash or it will freeze that amount on a credit card.

The power supply: mostly 220 V, but in some places 110 V. Need a flat plug; adapter better bring your own. In hotels as per Your requirement You will give the adapter, as well as irons and Ironing boards in the room. You need to call in house keeping.

Car rental: Strongly recommend to hire a car in Bali: it is very complicated and bad road, a local resident do not follow the rules. Rent a car with a local driver, it’s safer.

The time in Indonesia

Time plus 5 hours.

The Currency Of Indonesia

Currency and exchange: the Indonesian Rupiah.1 American Dollar

Denominations of less than $ 100 may be accepted at a less advantageous rate.

Modern banks and currency exchange offices are in all large cities and tourist centers of the island.

Accept payments with international credit cards (Visa and Master Card), in most Bali establishments oriented to serving tourists, sometimes you will be charged for the service

3%. Credit services of plastic cards provide, most banks.

Be careful in questionable establishments payment can shoot 2 times. The prices of many tourist services are indicated in us dollars but give change in local currency.

Note: exchange offices and banks do not accept these bills (or accepted but at a reduced rate):