Landmarks of virgin area
Area interesting variety of landscapes, here near neighbor of the river and saline steppes, swamps and sandy pine forests, birch groves and meadows. Special the unique nature of the region…

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"unique lake"
Swan lake + the resort city Belokuriha A tour of the lake Swan and in the city-resort Belokurikha This unique lake is located in the Sovetsky district of Altai region.…

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The Lake of Sevan in Armenia

Lake Sevan

The most beautiful sights in Armenia is, of course, the lake Sevan and its surroundings. And done no wonder then that every tourist who first visited Armenia, seeks to visit the lake Sevan, to see his incomparable beauty that nature has created a miracle. Where is lake Titicaca ?

Two-way good asphalt road from the main town to lake Sevan, which has a length of 70 kilometers, is located to the North direction. Upon departure from Yerevan built 16-meter-high monument, made of red tuff, which shows the hero Vahagn, who fights with a dragon.

For a long time because of dry and hot climate, parts of Armenia, such as the Ararat valley, all the time needed quickening moisture, which could flowering gardens and vineyards. The legend of Vaine the local population was composed during the reign of idolatrous religion in Armenia. Vahagn was worshipped as God, he was attributed to powerful physical strength, fearlessness and courage. On the other side of the monument sketched the old Armenian legend about how the God Vahagn was born. Look at the beauty of mount Ararat in Armenia .

After an hour the path will appear to your eyes natural wonder of the lake’s mirror surface which brightly reflect the sun’s rays.

The pearl of Armenia is Sevan is the largest Alpine lake in the world, it is located at the altitude of 1896 meters above sea level, surrounded from the Western part of the volcanic Geghama, South Wardenski, from the North-East Aragonese and from the East – Sevan mountain ranges.

In 1928. the famous Russian novelist Maxim Gorky, who visited Armenia and saw the first time Sevan, exclaimed: “What can I say, amazingly beautiful! The impression that the mountains seemed to hug and protect the gorge with great love and affection for all living creatures. The air is so clear and clean, as if painted in a blue tone. Softness is the predominant impression. The deepest bed of the gorge is filled with calm, green gardens. Everything seems to be moving slowly with aspiration to lake Sevan. The southern side of the Caucasus striking diversity and luxury of their colors. This valley is the most beautiful in these places. Look at that beautiful mountain Koshka in Crimea .

Feature area

Lake Sevan, according to the researchers, has a volcanic origin and alien to us in the past formed because of the dam river Hrazdan during the eruption of the volcano Geghama.

Sevan to the water rafting due to the construction of cascades of hydroelectric stations on the Hrazdan river channel and the implementation of the channels intended for irrigation water from lake Sevan dry regions of Armenia.

In total, the area of lake Sevan consists of 1415 square kilometres, today is 1246 square kilometres. The lake was divided into Big and Small Sevan. Small has a depth of approximately 90 meters, and a Large – lake 50 m. length 70 km, width is about 35 km away. the Small Sevan in the past had a small rocky island, has become because of the descent of the waters in the Peninsula, and its area equal to 0.3 square kilometers. The age of the lake Sevan is about 25 thousand years.

Sevan, according to the views of individual researchers, comes from the word shanna and Sianna that meant – lake country.

Today, scientists are more inclined to the version of Genesis the word Sevan, from the temple of the 8th century on the Sevan Peninsula. For use in the construction of black tufa, the Church became known as the North – dark Vank (temple). According to the assumptions only from the 10th century the lake was formed the name Sevan.

Sevan temple was founded in g. thanks to the Syunik Princess and Princess Mariam Bagratuni. Today there are two shrines, is the biggest St. The Apostle, and the smaller temple of Surb Hovhannes Mkrtich.

Sevan is a national Park, which encompasses five parks and 22 wildlife sanctuaries, which feature luxurious flora and fauna.

Up to 60s of the 20 century, a major and valuable fish species found in the lake, was the Sevan trout, the locals called it trout-the fish Prince. Called it so because of the rich taste and large size, according to the testimony of fishermen, individual instances of a trout could be weight more 12 kg.

In gg. in Sevan launched Ladoga whitefish, were also a valuable fish. CIG well able to settle down in the lake, and soon its population, could not give the number of endemic fish species.

Sevan is not only a protected area, as well as a relaxation area. Special places to stay, built modern hotels, cottages, where there is all necessary infrastructure. Around lake Sevan was formed about ten beaches, some of them are wild, others are well equipped, also there is a public city beach.