The Most unusual lakes in the world essay
Jordan–Hare Stadium. The large lakes of the world. The top-10 . 20 most amazing places on Earth that are definitely. * Here is one of the largest glaciers in Europe…

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Unique lake Tuz
The lake Tuz (tour.Tuz Golu) is the second largest lake in Turkey, located in the centre of Anatolia province, 105 km northeast of Konya and 150 km South-East of Ankara.…

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The Mysterious Burial of the lake


Lake Mogilny –

the hydrological nature monument of the Murmansk region.

It is located on the island of Kildin in the Barents sea

a mile from the Kola Peninsula.

The grave is called “storey” lake.

This phenomenal small pond: the lake area is about 90 000 sq m, length – 560 m, width – 280 m, maximum depth is 17 m. the Water is light green, plain, bland. But only on top.

The phenomenon of the relict lake is that its water column consists of five different layers. Layers of water in the lake never mix. Why? This is a mystery to scientists up to the present time, although the lake is known for more than 400 years.

Each layer has its permanent inhabitants. Some organisms in the lake, living in the native layer, are “between a rock and a hard place”, because we can not live in fresh water more than above, and the hydrogen sulfide excreted by bacteria of the lower layer for them fatal.

Five layers of the lake

The lowest layer from a depth of 15 metres below and is saturated with hydrogen sulphide, as is well known, kills all living things, so I live here only certain types of bacteria.

The second “floor” painted in a cherry color. This unusual colouring, he is obliged to live in the water layer of purple bacteria. Layer of bacteria serves as a shield: it blocks the road rising from the bottom to the sulfide.

The third “floor” – sea water. The salinity of this layer is the same as in the sea. It is home to sea dwellers: cod, perch, seaweeds, sea stars, but they are smaller than those of the in the Barents sea.

The fourth layer – a mixture of salt and fresh water, unsuitable water inhabitants, their way up the Medusa and some crustaceans.

And finally, fifth, the surface of the lake – a layer of fresh water. The thickness of this layer ranges from five metres. Here the Kingdom of freshwater organisms.

Due to the unique relict lake with Burial in 1978 was declared a sanctuary.

Here is an unusual and amazing lake!

Salt lake Sol-Iletsk
About salt lakes, Sol-Iletsk “the Most wonderful doctor – nature, Though, because heals Three-quarters of all diseases…” The City Of Sol-Iletsk . located 70 km from the city of Orenburg…


Canada. Geographical position of Canada - Articles on 100 roads
Canada is on the North American continent, from the South it borders with the United States, with the North lie 800 km beyond the Arctic Circle. The country is washed…

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