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“unique lake”

Swan lake + the resort city Belokuriha

A tour of the lake Swan and in the city-resort Belokurikha

This unique lake is located in the Sovetsky district of Altai region. It is well-known for having one of two in Russia wintering ground for whooper Swan.

The area of Swan lake is 26.6 ha, length about 1 km, width – just over 400 m, the average depth of the lake is 70cm and the maximum – does not exceed 2 m. the lake Bottom is sandy / pebbly, the water is very clean and clear. Water reservoir fill the springs that burst out of the earth on the banks and in the center of the lake. In summer the water temperature does not exceed +15, and winter does not fall below +5-6 degrees, so the lake does not freeze. This was the reason for the wintering swans. Winter here every year about 350 of these beautiful birds. Swans fly here in November and live till March or April, and then again going North. In addition to the swans on the lake lives a huge number of wild ducks, marked by the nesting of the peregrine Falcon, the Saker Falcon, Sandpiper.

In winter, Swan lake is a truly unforgettable sight – the trees covered with frost, snow drifts, fog over the water and white birds, dissecting the water surface. For those wishing to admire the beautiful swans, provides a viewing platform overlooking the picturesque panorama of the lake, and a bridge, jutting out into the lake, allowing a closer look at these birds.

Swans-the whooping swans find a mate in the first year of life, and only after two years of travel together they have Chicks. About Swan fidelity were composed entire songs. And yet there is a belief that the swans bring good fortune and that in the places where they live and spend the winter – the good people, in families which will always be dominated by love and happiness.

Bring your binoculars – so you will be able to see more. And don’t forget warm clothes and a thermos of hot tea!

Visit of the city-resort of Belokurikha, is known throughout Russia for its curative properties aeroionizatora air and radon water. Belokurikha is located in the South-Eastern sector of the Altai territory, framed by the majestic rocky mountains JUrginskogo range, granite tops, close, create an unimaginably beautiful shapes and images. Sightseeing tour of the city with the rise of the city, the Church on the cableway to a height of 801 metres. A fascinating story about the history and surroundings of the resort.

Our company offers You a unique opportunity to visit Swan lake and the well-known Siberian resort in one day. The trip takes place on a comfortable bus with a professional guide – tour guide.

The tour

07.00 Departure from Barnaul from of “Central” Lenin Ave., 57 (square Tips).

09.50 Arrival at lake Swan.

09.50-11.00 Stay on the lake. The history of the refuge “Swan”, current status, inspection and photographing.

11.00-12.00 Transfer to Belokurikha.

12.10-13.00 Lunch (200 p/person extra charge on site).

13.00-15.30 Excursion to the sacred mountain Church (801 m above sea level). Rise 20 minutes to the cableway, then nice walk (30 min) to the rocks upon the Two brothers, Four sisters.

15.30-18.30 Return to Barnaul.

18.30 Arrival to Barnaul to the hotel “Central” Lenin Ave., 57 (square Tips).

Tour price: 2,300 rubles per person.

The tour departs from mid-November to mid-March

The price includes:

– transfer by a comfortable bus on a route Barnaul – the Swan lake – Belokuriha-Barnaul,

– the entrance to the sanctuary “Swan”,

– tour of the city of Belokurikha,

– ticket for chair lift in Belokurikha,

– the work of a professional guide

Optional extras: