Ecuador: the Indian town of Otavalo and its surroundings. Love Klyuev, Private guide in Colombia
The journey from Quito to Otavalo is interesting not only because you "EN masse" to buy Souvenirs for all his family and friends — because it was in this Indian…

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Security Council
One Board after the other was taken to a special flight of foreigners at the airport «Baikal», and then they were transported to the hotels of Ulan-Ude . Ahead of…

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Exclusive excursions

Journey through the shamanic places

Description: During the tour, tourists will go along the main Buryat Holy places, will make a stop at Serge and Baris.

The places you will see on this route, not only beautiful but also full of energy. Their reason power. The ancient history of the island and tradition, stretching back into the past to confirm this at every step: pillars of the hitching post — “Serge” — with the waving in the wind hadak, sacred groves with centuries-old larch trees, the legends about the power of shamans and the greatness of the gods, and other places that inspire unwavering confidence in the exclusivity of the island.

On this tour you will hear interesting stories about shamanism on the island, traditions of indigenous people and local legends, together with the world unique and special over time will make your trip unforgettable!

The route passes through the Northern part of the island where you can see the main landscape of the island, to see its Western and Eastern side and enjoy the unforgettable expanse of Baikal. You will pass through the steppes, see picturesque coves with crystal-clear water and small Islands bizarre, dwell among Aeolian Sands, will observe the breathtaking dal boundless shores of lake Baikal Olkhon from the high mountains of the coast finally, enjoy a delicious picnic in the shade of a welcoming forest.

100 km, 6-8 hours

PS stops only associated with shamanism places where you do not carry the usual groups of tourists.

A walk in the moonlight.

Route: the Khuzhir – Burkhan Cape – lookout – Lookout mountain “Field camp” — the Karavanke mountains – the Khuzhir.

Description: This is an amazing opportunity to admire the lake at night. We see him from different angles – from Cape Burkhan and just look at the moon track ,from the observation platform we will see the night views of the village, with a viewing mountains – beautiful panorama of lake Baikal in the moonlight.

Night at lake Baikal, it looks unusual and mysterious, and seems to revive the spirits of the area. Mysteriously breathing Baikal. about sending wave after wave.

We will observe the starry sky with the naked eye and through a telescope. Stars on Baikal is so huge that it seems they can be touched. And if you’re lucky you can see a shooting star and make a wish!

Time: From 22.00 to 24.00 (after sunset). Benefit for days during the new moon and the days with good, not cloudy weather.

50 km, 2-3 hours

You will get unforgettable impressions from this trip!