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Lake Skadar, Montenegro – Montenegro Renta Car

A special place in all this splendor is a famous lake “pearl” of the Adriatic. Most of them are either in national parks or high mountains. Mountain lakes of Montenegro is worthy of the biogradsko lake, situated on the homonymous mountain.

And Durmitor national Park boasts eighteen glacial lakes. This unique ecosystem is called “Mountain eyes”. They are located at a height of five feet above sea level and framed by mountain meadows, rocky peaks and dense, fragrant forest.

However, the majority of lakes in Montenegro were created artificially. Of course, this does not diminish their dignity, but we want to tell You about this gift of nature – amazing lake Skadar.

It is the largest fresh water reservoir of the Balkan Peninsula and national Park in Montenegro . Its depth ranges from 6 to 60 meters, and the total area is 40 miles!

Note that the lake Skadar is located on the territory of Montenegro, only two-thirds, the rest belongs to Albania.

This miracle of nature is also considered the largest European nature reserve. Its expanse is home to more than two hundred fifty bird species and many of them can only be found on the territory of Skadar lake. For example, such beauties, Black IBIS or the Dalmatian Pelican.

In the middle of the lake there are a number of Islands with ancient attractions available to visitors. So, on the island of Starchevo is located the operating monastery, built in the fourteenth century. In our time, there lives an eccentric, but a good hermit, who in a “past life” was as an electrician. On the Islands of Skadar lake you can also find the remains of ancient fortresses reminiscent of the Montenegrin-Turkish confrontation (Lesandro, Grmozur).

Given the high annual influx of tourists to the territory of Skadar lake, the locals have prospered here terrific infrastructure.

For travelers restaurants with excellent cuisine, where you certainly have to taste excellent seafood dishes. Montenegro is a country of fishermen and fresh seafood here is not a luxury but a widespread phenomenon. Very delicious phenomenon! In the area of Skadarsko lake also there are small hotels where You can sleep or relax.

Skadar lake was created by nature to enjoy its beauty and hospitable Montenegrins complemented this grandeur with comfortable amenities, so You can rest near such a charm, and to absorb only a pleasant experience that will stay with You for life.

Skadar lake on the map