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Landmarks of Hungary. The hévíz lake

Holidays in Hungary are very popular among the residents of different countries. Hungarian land acquaints visitors with many interesting attractions. To the real wonders of nature, without a doubt, the hévíz lake is the pride of Hungary. the most famous thermal lake in the world.

Hévíz – thermal reservoir, the like of which, except that there is, in New Zealand. on the island of Rotorway. The shape of the “Hungarian miracle” – oval cross-section in cross-section curved like a funnel, and, as we approach the current source, the depth gradually increases.

Lake radioactive thermal water is 198 km from the capital of Austria and at 193 km from — from Budapest. Close to this unique waterfront lake Balaton is another world-famous creation of nature with crystal-clear water.

Description of the “Hungarian miracle”.

The water in hévíz is updated every 28 hours, because a source that feeds the wonder lake, gives him more than 86 million liters of water during the day! And despite the fact that in places the depth reaches 38 meters, and water surface area is over 4.4 acres. In summer the water is heated to 33-35, and in winter does not fall below 22 degrees. Tourists come to the shores of the lake all year round.

The composition of the water began to study in the 18th century, but the full picture has become clear only in the late 20th century. Thermal water contains a unique set of minerals, micro-organisms, which, in combination with other factors struggling with many diseases.

Special value has the therapeutic mud, a thick layer covers the bottom of the reservoir. It contains bacteria that produce an antibiotic that kills disease-causing microorganisms. Thanks to the water of the lake is free from harmful bacteria.

The picturesque nature of the healing lake.

Unique around the pond grows a dense forest, which area is about 34 ha. It creates a favorable microclimate, it protects the resort from dust, wind, noise.

The surface of the lake is covered with very beautiful red lilies that have been specially imported from India. Bright spots of beautiful delicate flowers enliven the surface of the water and amaze.

As a specific composition of water and high temperature not suitable for all living beings, fauna and flora of the hévíz includes some species that are found only here. Among them are: sulfur bacteria, blue algae, seaside bulrush, radiant fungi, very beautiful water lilies.

In early spring, in winter and on cold autumn days on the water surface there is a layer of steam. It does not allow to water to cool down, so the water temperature is quite warm at any time of the year. You can swim continuously. In the middle of the lake are the famous baths winter rheumatology clinic St. Andras that look like fairy houses with pointed turrets.

The magical properties of thermal water.

Lake water cures many diseases. There are excellent medical center where doctors successfully fight many diseases, including rheumatism, inflammation of the spine, arthritis, diseases of the ligaments, the whole spectrum of joint diseases of various origins, dysfunction of the nervous system, chronic gynecological diseases.

Excellent rehabilitation effect of bathing in hot water after suffering fractures and injuries. Of course, there are a number of contraindications, so the direction of the attending physician and thorough examination before you travel – is necessary.

The thermal Spa of hévíz lake offers comfortable accommodations that will provide a full range of services for guests. An oasis of peace and tranquility – this is a beautiful Hungarian resort, which is visited every year by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Lake Heviz, Hungary