The village "Sosnovo lakes 2"
Information about cottage village "Sosnovo lakes 2" Jensen Group is one of the largest investment companies of the Russian real estate market. For more than 20 years the company is…

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The Lake Ontario.
Lake Ontario is one of the five Great lakes of North America. It is the lowermost and is the smallest of them. From the North and the South-West, it is…

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Landmarks of virgin area

Area interesting variety of landscapes, here near neighbor of the river and saline steppes, swamps and sandy pine forests, birch groves and meadows. Special the unique nature of the region give a salty, freshwater and alkaline lakes located close to each other.

Like nature scattered among the picturesque hills precious necklace with hundreds of mineral lakes, creating the perfect conditions not only for recreation but also for health promotion.


S. Half

Kolesnikova is located in a shallow valley and surrounded by dry pine forest. Round pond in the Western part is a small Bay with low-lying salt-marsh coast. From the Northern and Eastern sides on five-meter benches stretched bright Bor. The width of the lake about a mile, the depth is not more than two meters. The shore of a pond overgrown with reeds, only the Northern part has a nice sandy beach with equipped Parking lot. Here is a dirt road. There is a pavilion, benches and a place for tents and bonfire.

Lake water composition is sodium chloride-magnesium, salinity reaches 18 g/l. Kolesnikova is famous not only water but also mud. It is a popular place of recreation for local residents and visitors from nearby areas and cities. For exceptional water quality and scenic beauty of lake designated as a natural monument.

Dirt road leading to the lake runs past the fields, meadows and small birch groves – groves. In them and on the edges you can collect fragrant strawberry, wild cherry, and numerous mushrooms. Food and water I advise you to stock up in Half. The village is situated around a small lake, on its streets you can admire the historic homes, trade shops, stone mansions.


D. Vozdvizhenka

“Rejuvenating” of the lake.

Alkali lake is located at a small village Vozdvizhenka. From the North off the coast birch groves are interspersed with meadows and fields to the East rises a beautiful pine forest. The South coast down to the pond deep steep ledges. Here, on the 15-meter height grow giant trees, old pines and birches, and the water stretched wide, sandy beaches. The lake is very shallow and thus well suited for swimming children. Its name Belomoina received for property of water – it is easy without any soap can wash their clothes. After a bath or bathing the skin becomes smooth and velvety, and fluffy hair, as in children.

Water and mud of the lake has long been known for its healing properties, according to local residents, they help to preserve youthfulness.

Lake Belomoina appears in the list of the most valuable lakes in the Kurgan region, with healing properties. The saturation of water with mineral substances is about 10 g/L.

On the waterfront is “Summer camp “Spring”.

Food and water can be rented in the village of Vozdvizhenka.

SANDY lake

Near the village of Vozdvizhenka.

Beautiful round lake is located on the sandy deposits of an ancient basin. The shore with a small ledge covered with thick pine and birch forest. The lake bottom is sandy, the depth is not more than 2 meters. Water is soft, pleasant for swimming. Its composition is hydrocarbonate-chloride sodium, with a strong alkaline reaction. The saturation of water with mineral substances is 5-6 g/l.

To the beach is a dirt road, there among the birches equipped with Parking, a gazebo, benches and a place for tents and bonfire. In the evening, on the shore of a quiet lake you can hear the singing of the Nightingale and chirping of cicadas. Grows in the woods stone berries on the edges of strawberry. You can bring an inflatable boat and enjoy riding on the scenic waterfront.

The lake is very popular among tourists because of its beauty, soft water and medicinal properties.

LONG lake

Liz b village Sets.

The lake stretches from West to East a couple of miles. North and South coast with high scenic ledges, sometimes breaking the sandy scree. East coast low in the reedbeds.

The camp suggest that you be placed on high Bank in the southern part of the lake, on the edge of a pine forest. From the high Bank offers the most beautiful panorama of the reservoir, where you can admire the sunsets. There is a convenient glade with short grass. Don’t worry neighbors, the numerous animals that are standing on their hind legs near their holes will be closely watching you.

Don’t forget repellents against mosquitoes and ticks.

The beaches are Long and clean, sandy, shallow lake – to be waist-deep in water have to go through more than a dozen meters. The greatest water depth of about 2 meters.

Alkaline water, so very soft, the average salinity of 18 to 37 g/L.

A long – popular destination and is considered a promising basis for the development of resort activities.

The most convenient time of visiting the lakes is from may to September. Depth of mineral waters is usually small, so the water warms up faster. If you do stop for a couple of days, it is possible for one trip to visit all of the unique lake, having received not only a lot of impressions, but also restore health.