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The Lake Schuchye in the Burabai

Type of accommodation

In the Northern part of Kazakhstan, near to the cities of Kokshetau and Astana, is an excellent area to relax, such as the Borovoe resort. This resort is small and cozy village, near which is placed an incredibly beautiful and world famous lake. A lot of them on this site: Borovoye, Shchuchye, Kotirkol, Small and Big chebache. Geographically this area belongs to the Kokshetau highlands. Tourists call it “Kazakh Switzerland”. It’s no coincidence, as the lake is a short distance from breathtaking mountain ranges.

Description of the lake and surrounding area

The highest point in the area is Kokshetau mountain, whose name means “Blue mountain”. Closer to the South there is a mountain called Burabay. Its altitude is 690 meters. Also, there is a mountain of a hill. Zheke-Batyr is the greatest among them. At the foot of the hills and decayed lake Schuchye in the Burabai. which is the deepest available here. In length the lake is about seven kilometers. Width it is more than three kilometers. And the depth in some places exceeds eighteen metres. In the lake there is a large variety of fish, but most of all there can be found the pike, hence the name. Earlier in the lake fished a few creeks along with the river Kyllachy. But the connection of the river to the lake was lost early in the last century. If you look at the lake from a great height, you will notice that it reminds a dinosaur or a sea horse.

There is a lake very close to Shchuchinsk. Schuchinsk is a district center, which is the rest area “Borovoye Resort”. By the way, the name of the Shchuchinsk got it from the lake.

From the first days of June in the lake you can swim, which greatly attracts tourists. People love these clean beaches, catamaran hire, swimming, boating. Moreover, there is always arranged an interesting tourist routes, regardless of the time of year. Local guides are constantly Hiking, horseback riding, hunting trips. In the winter they also organize ice fishing in winter. Also, Schuchye Ozero is known, thanks to the resorts that are located near it. The number of sanatoria and boarding houses this lake is not inferior even to the Crimea. The first of these sanatoriums built in 1927, near the village of Barmashino. And now in the lake these resorts very much. Also, there are sanatoria, children’s camps and just the base for relaxation.

The natural conditions here are unique. They are very favorable to stay active and carefree. Here on vacation come both residents of Kazakhstan and people from the CIS countries, as well as guests from faraway countries. By the way, from Germany, France and other countries far afield people come every Sedona more and more. Tourists come here to rest, because here the air is very clean and filled with the scent of coniferous vegetation and grasses. And the water in the Shchuchye lake is always clean and clear, you can see its inhabitants in a few meters deep.

Weather conditions on lake Shchuchye

Here is not less Sunny days than in the Crimea. The climate here is also not inferior to the climate of the South. The combination of lakes, coniferous forests and mountains creates a beautiful landscape and a really healthy climate. The natural conditions are favorable for treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, gastrointestinal tract. Treat here diseases of the nervous system. A very large number of visitors come to the lake not only for recreation but also for treatment or prevention. The sanatorium can offer a huge range of services in this area: sauna, physiotherapy, mud baths, inhalations and various much more.