The Amazing lakes of the world
The majority of large and small lakes is not only a source of drinking water, but also important tourist sites. Before you eight amazing lakes in the world. Let's find…

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Lakes of the world. Unusual lake. Lakes of the world
Lakes, formed from river oxbow lakes, are relatively small. Large arose in other ways. Some in valleys, blocked by avalanche or moraines, rock ridges left by retreating and now-vanished glaciers…

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How many beautiful and amazing places on planet Earth? The answer to this question is nobody knows. Impossible to count them, to study, and then describe each in detail, is unrealistic. However, experts in this field of work, exploring unique places, and find there are various findings that, first defy explanation, and secondly, self-education, amazing places, causing a lot of theories, versions, disputes and extraordinary hypotheses. Of course, all of the above relate to the American state of Texas, such as unique and interesting and amazing places located in it.

There are many interesting places if possible to visit, but the most unique is the resulting lake “Hamilton Pool”, forty kilometers from the small town of Austin. The lake was formed by itself, however, as the majority of lakes on earth. Its formation was provoked by the erosion, the result of which collapsed the dome of an underground river, and formed an unusual appearance, but at the same time a beautiful lake. The uniqueness of the lake is not in its smooth shores and clean water, unique flora or overhanging the water earthen walls and ceilings, like domes, and not even in his fifteen meter waterfall. The uniqueness of lake that it is both above-ground and underground lake.

In the eighteenth century in the area lived, otherwise impossible to say, two Indian tribe of the Lipan and Tonkawa (the most violent of the tribes of Apaches). These tribes all the time in conflict with each other, divided the land, stealing each other’s cattle, and were always dissatisfied with the actions of another tribe, believing their case only. Naturally, such relationships led to conflicts between tribes, they had fought and lost their countrymen on both sides. This continued for over fifty years, already, until the sixties of the nineteenth century, when these lands were acquired in private ownership Morgan Hamilton. It is in his honor named the lake, however, its popularity, it has not Mr. Hamilton and family Reimers. They were ethnic Germans, who bought the land from Morgan Hamilton in the early eighties of the nineteenth century. The goal of immigrants from Germany was one profit, because they had many cattle, and it needed somewhere to graze, and that’s why data were acquired of the earth. Once avoiding with his eight-year-old son pastures, Reimers senior found a strange underground cave with a lake, and instantly realized that here you can create a database of activities, which will bring much greater income than grazing cattle.

It is said, done, and Reimers began to create an oasis, in the middle of the Texas desert. However, at the beginning of the lake could get the units, because at that time road transport was not, and to overcome forty kilometers from the nearest town to “Hamilton Pool”, were not many. But, there were those who came here on horse carts, and even traveled on foot. Thanks to these people, or rather their stories after the holiday, the lake “Hamilton Pool”, began to rapidly gain popularity. The so-called “pioneers” were often told mysterious stories that supposedly happened at night near the lake. Many people have talked about audible in the night shots, the screams and the moans. True or not, nobody knows, because since then it’s been more than a hundred years.

Time is running fast, and on land around the lake, like himself, has his eye the state and bought this territory from German businessmen. There is created a reserve, and for more than thirty years here by all means try to preserve the environment. For the sake of preserving flora and fauna, here is prohibited to fish in the lake, campfires, litter, and oddly enough brought here allowed, also prohibited. Currently, it is the unique beauty of the lake, we receive approximately eighty thousand tourists per year. For the USA this figure is low, and all because there often are restrictions on swimming in the lake. This is for two reasons: the First is the flood in the form of mountain debris flows, which often happen here, and the second reason – the swallow curly their nests under the dome of the lake, thus their droppings falls into its waters, causing an increase in the concentration of bacteria in the water. But the lake is always gorgeous and waiting for me to visit new visitors.