The Asian carp
This is an unusual video about the invasion of Asian silver carp caught on Wabash river (Wabash River) in the Midwest, mark Kirby (Mark Kirby) and his partner Brendan Kearns…

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Tour - Amazing Lake Como from Milan in Milan - low prices when buying online at
Today we will go with you on a magnificent trip on the third largest lake in Italy, one of the deepest in Europe, lake Como. It is believed that there…

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Tours in Carinthia – from 150 to 900. Last minute prices 2015

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Holidays in Carinthia

Austria – this is the land of rivers and lakes with crystal clear water. The most beautiful lake located in the southern province under the name Carinthia – here tourists come annually to enjoy the magnificent scenery and salubrious air.


The climate of Carinthia is soft, sometimes reminiscent of the Mediterranean. On the lake you can come almost all year round.

What to do?

The most famous Carinthian lake – this Worther see, Millstatter see, Ossiacher see, Klopeiner see, Faaker see. Stay at any of these lakes will give a calm atmosphere in the picturesque nature.

On the lakes of Carinthia tourists are provided with various opportunities for outdoor activities – here you can practice horse riding, volleyball, soccer, Golf and tennis and Cycling in the surrounding area. On some lakes, for example, Klopeiner see you can go Snorkelling and surfing. The lake is a lot of fish, so tourists can enjoy a rich catch.

Rest on the lakes of Carinthia chooses both young people and families with children. The entertainment spend time in the local bars, discos, casinos and restaurants, while families with children enjoy visiting all sorts of events – a laser show, children’s events, festivals and concerts.

What to see?

Carinthia is famous not only for its unique nature and ancient monuments. This province has preserved lots of ancient fortresses, palaces and churches, among which we should note, first of all, the castle of Portia in the river Drau, with a fortress Landskron on lake Ossiachersee, the Dominican monastery in Friesach the beginning of the 14th century, as well as the historic Benedictine Abbey of Millstatt, Ossiach and Saint-Paul-im-Lavanttal.

In Carinthia offers plenty of museums – most interesting ones are the Museum of dolls Ellie Riel, the Museum of wooden architecture and Museum of the automobile, which presents more than 30 different models of cars «Porsche”.

Many tourists visit national parks Carinthia-Nockberge and the Hohe Tauern, as well as the reserve Rosegg, which impress with its majestic mountain landscapes and variety of flora and fauna.

Selection of the tour in Carinthia 2015 / 2016

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