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One Board after the other was taken to a special flight of foreigners at the airport «Baikal», and then they were transported to the hotels of Ulan-Ude . Ahead of…

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UNIQUE LAKE ABRAHAM. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries
Stunning lake Abraham, located in Alberta, Canada. It looks incredibly calm and picturesque, in spite of the fact that something threatening and explosive hidden under the surface. A clear bluish-white…

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Unique lake Tuz

The lake Tuz (tour.Tuz Golu) is the second largest lake in Turkey, located in the centre of Anatolia province, 105 km northeast of Konya and 150 km South-East of Ankara. Is translated from Turkish as Salt lake. And it is really salt, its salinity is 340 %, which exceeds the indicators of the Dead sea. The lake fills a tectonic depression of the Central plateau of Turkey (the Anatolian plateau) and is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. ACE – a huge lake reaching up to 80 kilometers in length and 50 km in width. But the depth of the lake is on average only about 2 meters. In the ACE fall into two flowing streams, but “life” the lake who does not, it does not follow neither a river nor a stream. The lake is also fed by underground springs and rainfall weather.

The lake Tuz is a unique natural phenomenon! In the spring of “the lake spreads”, that is, its area is much increased by winter and spring precipitation. In summer, under the scorching rays of the sun water evaporates and the lake decreases in size. Upon evaporation of the water from any saturated salt solution remains in the sludge of salt. And the lake Tuz covered with white, sparkling in the sun, salt crust, the thickness of which sometimes reaches 50 centimeters.

And it turns out hydrochloric flooring, which can walk. Because of this interesting natural phenomenon, the lake Tuz has become very popular among foreign tourists. They come here to admire and walk on the flooring a unique salt. Winter salt is again dissolved in fresh water that the lake receives rainfall and runoff from surrounding lands. And so every year! Seventy percent of consumed in the country is mined on the salt lake Tuz. Three salt mines in the country, cleaned and processed salt.

Wildlife enthusiasts in these places, the same will be extremely interesting, especially in the spring. This is the time of year you can observe large flocks of birds in the area of lake Tuz. Here you can see extraordinarily beautiful birds: Avocet, gray crane, little bustard, the Montagu’s Harrier, white-fronted goose, Houbara bustard and many other birds which have adapted to salty water of the lake. And on a group of Islands in the southern part of the lake breeds a large population of flamingos. Since 2001, lake Tuz and the surrounding territory declared as protected areas by the state.

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Lakes of Asia
Lake of Asia is the lake, situated in the part of the world Asia. There are many large tectonic and residual lakes, and lakes in areas of permafrost. The biggest…

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