Amazing places - the devil's Garden
In Croatia there is a unique national Park Plitvice lakes (Horw. Plitvička jezera). Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock here to overjoyed to merge with the Paradise…

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The Orenburg-Moscow: tickets on salt lake
The issue of work recreational areas have already been addressed in many regions of Russia. Of course, most of these areas are located in the SFD and NCFD, as there…

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Boundary – VIP land for the estate or the estate on the shore of the lake

Lake Boundary – the Sale of luxury plot on the beach under the estate or estate.

If You ever have the chance to travel from Moscow to St Petersburg, You could not help but notice the exceptional beauty of the places that are called the Valdai region. Overgrown with forests, in which slitting of the earth, flow numerous rivers flowing into large lakes and artificial reservoirs. In these parts there is a beautiful lake Boundary. It smoothly goes around several small hills, on which long been settled people. Around them — wonderful forests of ancient oaks, pine forests and birch groves. In the summer of fragrant lime. High Cape crashed into the lake. Having it, You will find yourself on the nose of a large ship sail the seas. With high and flat as the deck of a sinking coast is visible in the haze opposite side of the lake. Behind, the road, near which stands apart a large birch grove. In white trunks, adding green stains and fresh paints in natural diversity, started the dance of the silver fir. In the distance on the hill is visible a small village, and her gentle green spot water-meadow. In spring, the surrounding woods filled with the scent of flowers, and Golden autumn, it is full of bright colors of the dying leaves. Winter forest covered with snow, good saves from piercing icy wind and is a favourite place for skiing. Happy owners of helicopters or light aircraft can have an unforgettable experience to consider all these beauties from the height of bird flight. For the 1.5 hours that the gardeners of the suburbs lose in traffic jams, getting to her clamped neighbors houses, you can appreciate the benefits of living in a true Russian nature of the middle zone and relax on your country estate.

Boundary – a large plot of land on the lake.

We offer to Your attention an excellent plot at the lake Boundary, an area of 4 hectares. The coastal section is located between the village of Godunova and Grebenevo. The village of Grebnevo, 20 kilometers from the district center – the village of Firsovo, Tver region. The lake Boundary keeps a lot of secrets from past centuries, described in the annals of the Valdai region and Russian history. This land is on the lake Edge, surrounded by water on three sides. The lake area is about 20 square kilometers. Looking from the site to the surrounding open spaces and picturesque natural landscapes of Valdai hills You will not be able to remain indifferent to these places on the edge of the Tver region. The area on the lake Edge is very suitable for the construction of a farmstead or small village of a few houses.

Grebenevo – Artists village on the shores of lake Boundary

From early spring until frost, in the village of Grebnevo attracts artists from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tver and Novgorod, resting on the banks of the picturesque lake, enjoying the pristine nature of the Valdai hills and adjacent lakes Timing and Ceremo. And artists know a lot about beauty. In his paintings, they reflect all the charm of country living. Between them, the village residents are called “Village of Artists”.