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Turgoyak Lake – the pearl of the Urals is included in the list of the most valuable reservoirs of the world

Turgoyak is a unique lake. Due to the exceptional water clarity of the lake Turgoyak was included in the list of the most valuable reservoirs of the world. In our country it was included in the file of remarkable landscapes. It is a repository of the purest drinking water, the quality is not inferior Baikal.

The lake water is different and bright bluish-greenish color, and transparent, can see the bottom at a depth of 15-20 m. the most beautiful — the most transparent lake in the Urals. No wonder people call him the younger brother of Baikal. Turgoyak – deep lake, keeping under the surface area of 26.4 square kilometres more than half a billion tons of the purest, almost transparent sea and it is completely fresh water.

The area of the lake Turgoyak – 26.4 sq. km, length 6.9 km, its maximum width is 6.3 km, the coastline is 27 km from Turgoyak is located in the deep intermountain hollow between the ridges of the Ural-Tau and Ilmen at a height of 320 m above sea level. This is the deepest lake in the southern Urals: depth it achieves 34 m, average depth of 19.2 m.

Just on the lake six Islands. The lake is fed by major rivers: Bobrovka, Kuleshovka, Lipovka and Pugachevka. Follows only one river – Source. At the present time in connection with the lowering of the water level in the lake the outflow of water does not occur. The unit itself is very picturesque, its shores are paved Hiking trails.

The legend about the lake Turgoyak reads:

It was in a long-predanie times. Already people inhabit the shores of the glorious lake Baikal and could not admiring its beauty. And the water in it was cold and so clear that in good weather, lake life to consider it. Widely it is spread, freestyle wave on the shore beater.

Lived on the shore of the lake and the beautiful young man. His name was Thor. Boy was he brave. Face prominent, eyes kind and eager to it all. He loved his land and lake blue. Time and again admired the blue of the lake.

Ran quiet days. The time flew by. And decided daring the boy to hit the road. Look at the land far, on beauty to their look.

Long went Round the world. In all regions visited. Marveled at the beauty of the earth, for the wonders different. Have seen a lot of joys and happiness to human, and even more grief.

No matter how good other people’s territory, but bored young man for his native home. And went Round to his native land.

He was going home. Went straight, quickly. And lay its track across the Ural mountains. Walking Tour along the valley between the mountains green, looked around and marveled at native everything was: the trees are the same — pine, larch, birch, the sun same heat and gently warm, and the sky is so blue, as a native of the lake, just above your head. All reminiscent of home, and home isn’t close. He crossed many rivers and gorges, and in one of them met Round the girl. She sat on the stone from a huge rock and cried. The girl raised her face, and the Tour saw how beautiful she was, only her eyes were sad. The girl said his name, flew it high into the mountains and there said multiple echoes. “Gojak!” — shouted the mountains. So loud it was! The girl liked the Tour, and he decided to do everything for her, dry her tears, but she smiled. Was it then to ask the girl: “Why are you crying so bitterly? How may I help you?” Gojak and told him: “once I was cheerful and happy. But the evil witch envied my youth and health, has been my folly. And see my eyes when the wash water clean and clear as a tear”.

Knew Tour where there is water. The native hurried to the lake. He was in a hurry, walked right through the swamp marsh, and through dense forests, climbed over the mountains inaccessible. Not a day, not twice went on Tour. Many days went by.

And here it is, Baikal — a blue bowl of water, no cleaner and brighter in the world. The young man scooped up a palm full of the Baikal blue and hurried to the girl. Harder still was the way. He didn’t stop for a minute. Bore water Tour, which was to return eyesight to the girl and happiness. Shore water he carefully carried her.

Here and the familiar mountains, the gorge. And again the young man saw Gojak.

The girl washed with water. And dry the tears, eyes received sight. Gone sadness. Again Gojak was healthy. The mountains sounded in her laugh.

Forever together Tour and Gojak.

And when the girl washed the Baikal water, dropped one drop on the ground. And in that place, where he once cried Gojak, formed a new lake with the same cold and clean water, which brought a Tour of lake Baikal for his beloved.

The people called him “Turgoyak” in memory of glorious youth and beauty Round Gojak

For centuries people came to the lake, as evidenced by found on its shores stone tools and ancient, according to some Aryans still left on the island of Faith buildings. Rapidly there ran the event and in the days of Pugachev, leaving behind many legends and place names.

Saratogian called little lake. Also similar in composition and water clarity of the lake and also has a capricious nature. Twenty minutes ago lying is a perfect mirror it suddenly leaden shafts covered with waves up to meters high, crowned with snow-white caps of foam.< It is a cold North-West wind, sandwiched between the Ural and Zaozerny ridges suddenly passes through the latter and strikes the top of the lake divergent fans squalls.

More predictable North and South or East winds are rare are more peace-loving and, in spite sometimes of sufficient strength not seek to get caught on the water boaters and anglers in safe Bay.

West wind, the most frequent visitor, breaking short and high wave fanned the breezes off of the Turgoyak, most camps and holiday houses, located mostly on the East Bank leave the West Bank in almost a calm tranquility.

Lake Turgoyak is a favorite place of rest of the Urals. Convenient location, bus links and the Coastal strip of the lake is very varied. Here and beaches of fine quartz sand, and green glades, and steep cliffs. In the recreation area included a large portion of the shoreline of the lake. Its banks are lined with houses and bases of rest. in total there are about 30 resorts. This is a real tourist Mecca. Here you can make fascinating excursions on the walking trails, admiring the Ural landscapes from lookouts in the Air around the lake is so clear (it is suspected that as the water is the cleanest in the world) that a couple of days spent on its banks return even to an elderly and sick person fit and health is already forgotten by him his youth.