The Amazing lake district Kosino
Strolling through the streets and squares of the capital, can you imagine how much happened here in the past? What secrets are kept by ancient parks, some spirits and ghosts…

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Tours in Carinthia – from 150 to 900. Last minute prices 2015
Pick up the tour in Austria Holidays in Carinthia Austria – this is the land of rivers and lakes with crystal clear water. The most beautiful lake located in the…

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Lakes and rivers

Lake Rosenshine – the legacy of the last ice age in Europe. They are very young by the standards of nature and of eternity – only 10-12 thousand years.

The largest lake in the region and third largest in the whole of Belarus – lake Newerth (2657 hectares, width – 4.6 km, length – up to 18 km, depth of – up to 8 meters). Newerth – besides, one of the most beautiful in the country. It is here, in the village Muragi, in the late 18th century, was born Jan Barshcheuski, one of the founders of the new Belarusian literature, who collected all the legends, tales of native land in the book “Slahtz Zavalina, ABO Belarus at fantastyczny avadana”.

Other major lake – usveche, Volobo, the New, Rossano, Drusy, Megeve, Mino, Shevino, White. The deepest lake – Boulder (up to 12 m). The power of the lakes is mostly atmospheric. The highest water level in late early April. Ice cover lasts from late November to late February, ice thickness is on average 50-70 cm

Rivers here – sea. The river network density is 0.5 km/km2. and it belongs to the Baltic basin.

The largest river in the district – Driss -occurs throughout the area and is a right tributary of the Western Dvina. Emerging from the lake Drissa, which flows through the lake Ostrivtsi, New, Buza. The total length of the river is 183 km Main tributaries – Neshcherda, Poor and Svolna right, Superna, Dojarca left. The width of the floodplain of 0.1-0.5 km flood plain is often swampy, the banks are steep. The spring flood begins in late March and lasts 60 days, summer-fall 140 days. Driss freezes at the end of December.

Lakes and rivers of Rosenshine – it is a quiet fishing happiness. Quiet – because fishing does not tolerate noise, bustle and loud noises. But happiness is – because there are a lot of fish and caught it well. Pike, perch, crucian carp, Rudd, roach, tench, bream… Caught a fish, big and small! In addition to fish and beavers, the waters here are popular with tourists, kayakers. An extensive necklace of lakes connected with canals and rivers, the river Drissa, which you can walk to the Western Dvina river, lake Newerth with his little-known shores. Rave reviews of tourists on trips on the rivers and lakes of Wisconsini you will easily be able to find on the Internet, but what can replace your own experience?

For active tourists on the rivers and lakes of Rosenshine developed a special tour called “Blue necklace of Rosson”, and the owners of the local estates – experienced travel trainers will offer You and other water routes by canoe lasting from 1 to 4 days in length from 16 to 66 miles depending on the degree of preparation and interest in the campaign.

Why duct Prorva so called?

What is this lake that has no bottom?

Where there is a relict “damn nut”?

All this and much more you learn when you come to Rossony the edge!