The village "Sosnovo lakes 2"
Information about cottage village "Sosnovo lakes 2" Jensen Group is one of the largest investment companies of the Russian real estate market. For more than 20 years the company is…

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Security Council
One Board after the other was taken to a special flight of foreigners at the airport «Baikal», and then they were transported to the hotels of Ulan-Ude . Ahead of…

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Security Council

One Board after the other was taken to a special flight of foreigners at the airport «Baikal», and then they were transported to the hotels of Ulan-Ude . Ahead of the visit of the city cordoned off. Early morning police patrols and traffic police went on duty on the streets of Ulan-Ude. Part of the roads were closed, traffic lights have translated in a mode “yellow blinking”. Such security measures for those who for this very safety is responsible, but only in other countries. All delegates of foreign intelligence agencies carefully guard. In the hotel “Buryatia” is allowed only with a pass. Even blocked the back door .

– A lot of foreigners?

-280 people?

-The entire hotel was inhabited?

-2 days stopped.

Closer to 11 o’clock on the porch of the other hotels has a network of volunteers and guides. They expected the dignitaries to go along with them to lake Baikal, in Turku.

Oyuna Nemcinova – volunteer:

– They are sociable, friendly, very friendly. Approach people and ask if anything is unclear.

In “Baikal Harbor” foreigners receive a warm welcome and introduction to the culture of Buryatia. A highlight will be the ceremony of tying silk ribbons on Serge – the hitching post.

Glad Zhalsaraeva guide:

– There we will present the complex of steppe nomad from Anahata. They will sing songs, show tent, our customs. And next will be shown the culture of old believers. They’ll be in costume, will sing, will bring food. And, of course, there will be a character everyone’s favorite White man. He also will greet, will be awarded the Baikal water.

Fresh water, in particular Baikal, will be the subject of discussions, delegates of foreign intelligence services. The problems of shortages will be discussed along with the environmental security, deadly viral diseases and global extremism.

Nurlan Yermekbayev – the assistant to the President, the Secretary of security Council of Kazakhstan:

We see that globally the threat of terrorism are growing. Formed any new organization, even a quasi state in the middle East. in Afghanistan. Because we believe that such threats are real and relevant.

However, for many delegates the security Council and it is also a good occasion to expand my horizon.

Eran Lerman is the representative of the security Council, Israel:

– This is my first visit to this part of the world. It’s amazing, very nice and I’m really looking forward to the trip to Baikal.

Abu Hanafi Casmat is the representative of the security Council of Brunei Darussalam:

– This is my first time and it’s completely different from what I expected. This is a very beautiful place. I lived in Moscow, there is nothing to compare. People here are very friendly. And I would very much like to visit lake Baikal. Because my friends from Russia, said that this is the most famous lake in Russia and the largest in the world.

However, show visitors not only Baykal, but also the sights of Ulan-Ude, will also demonstrate the achievements of domestic aviation – the newest development of the Russian aircraft designers.

Yuliya Permyakova – correspondent

This morning on the site of the sports complex landed the helicopter “MI-8”. That they will be here, local residents were warned in advance. The way to keep the Windows and vents closed to avoid emergency situations.

To prevent emergency situations with the guests will try 50 volunteers on all tours invariably follow the foreigners. Their number is kept secret. It is only known that the largest delegation from China. Tomorrow representatives of special services will hold an official meeting in the government of Buryatia. The meeting will be headed by the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.