Tour - Amazing Lake Como from Milan in Milan - low prices when buying online at
Today we will go with you on a magnificent trip on the third largest lake in Italy, one of the deepest in Europe, lake Como. It is believed that there…

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The Lake - Nuclear - there are no birds singing, the trees are not in bloom
35 years ago, the taiga wilderness Cherdyn district, Perm region was rocked by a powerful nuclear explosion. The "mushroom" he saw the inhabitants of nearby villages for tens of kilometers.…

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Leisure and tourism in the Kuril Islands

Vacation on the island of Kurils will leave a lot of memorable moments in your life for a long time. Not long ago, tourists come here for the season, noticed all the charm and beauty stayed here to live. The highlight of this island – it is pristine, untouched by hands or equipment of human nature. Getting to the most coveted seats, you have to overcome many obstacles. The most relevant mode of transport in the area is jeep. It will help to treasured ways beautiful.

In this area you can look forward to an active holiday with backpacks, food and only the most necessary. You will have a real opportunity, picking her way through the many bamboos, to swim in these mineral volcanic springs, climb to the highest rocky hills, so that from a great height to look at a nearby Japanese island, which is located within seventeen miles. You will have the opportunity to look closely at the bears, or even their bare hands to catch the slab while in the river.

Not dirty, absolutely clean air, which is very far from the noise of cars, gasoline, exhaust fumes and other nasty things. The Kuril Islands stretch from Japan and all the way to the Kamchatka Peninsula. One half of the island relates to the Kamchatka region, the other is Sakhalin.

On this site mild subtropical climate, with an abundance of different plants. Grapes, Magnolia, Japanese cherry, and even various medicinal plants, which are used in food. In 1950-ies in these Islands was planned to grow watermelons, but that’s still not enough sun for these treats, and they are not accustomed to these lands.

Largely overgrown island is not particularly high bamboo, from the floor to two meters in height. From most trees in the Kuril Islands grow fir and spruce. All unique plants you can add ginseng, rosemary (local view of normal trees), various ferns, and even orchids.

Also in these areas you can see many beautiful volcanoes of the Far East. One of them is the Mendeleev volcano (the so-called Sleeping beauty). Prevails between this and a considerable number of waterfalls, one of them is named “Maiden tears”, is romantic, isn’t it? Sour, never freezing, volcanic lakes and rivers here also not news. By the way, volcanic sources that are located on this territory, are in great demand among tourists to restore and support health. There is also a Guesthouse, near the sources, which can be perfectly combined amendment of health, health improvement and accommodation in the hotel, let’s face it – for a very reasonable fee.

The territory of the Kurils can be called a Paradise. Lovers of culture and nature, virtually untouched by human hand, will appreciate the local atmosphere. To get to the Islands is possible by air or by sea. Infrastructure in the area, surprisingly, developed enough, to do shopping, to find housing, to improve your health, just relax – please, everything is in your hands. Moreover, here you can relax not only the body but the soul.