The Lake - Nuclear - there are no birds singing, the trees are not in bloom
35 years ago, the taiga wilderness Cherdyn district, Perm region was rocked by a powerful nuclear explosion. The "mushroom" he saw the inhabitants of nearby villages for tens of kilometers.…

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The Asian carp
This is an unusual video about the invasion of Asian silver carp caught on Wabash river (Wabash River) in the Midwest, mark Kirby (Mark Kirby) and his partner Brendan Kearns…

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Killarney is a charming Irish town

Killarney (which means “Church thorn branch”) is located on the coast in the South-Western corner of Ireland. There are well-known lakes of Killarney.

The beauty of the surroundings and a large selection of activities and occupations make Killarney one of the most popular tourist destinations of Ireland. Once a small town, Killarney is alive today due to the developed tourism infrastructure.

The charming Irish town of Killarney is located on the border of the national Park, the heart of which are 3 lakes – Upper, middle and Lower. Exploring the local sights, walking through the Park on foot, by Bicycle, in a carriage pulled by a pretty heavy, or. top. One-, two – and three-hour walks through the Park can be enjoyed at the stables, located on the outskirts of Killarney town (about 3 km from the centre of the city).

In this town specialize in servicing the tourist horse trails, so horses are cool and calm Irish draught. All well run under the saddle, however, the speed that they develop. It’s best to stop by or call and sign up for the next day to the owners of the stables had the opportunity to prepare the horse and alert the instructor.

Among the interesting buildings of the city Rissian Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary and the Protestant parish Church, also dedicated to the virgin Mary – both these premises were built in early English style. Opposite the Franciscan Church near the station is a monument to four poets: Pier Ferriero, Jeffrey O Donahue, Aodhagan O’reilly and Eogan Ruado O Sullivan.

Killarney is famous not only for its architecture and history, but also the unique surrounding scenery. It formed after the ice age lakes: Lough Leane (the Lower lake), Muckross Lake (middle lake), Upper Lake (Upper lake). These are the highest mountains of Ireland. covered with old-growth forests. It is a famous national Park where, thanks to clean air and the unique microclimate, rare trees, shrubs, mosses and lichens.

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