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Today we will go with you on a magnificent trip on the third largest lake in Italy, one of the deepest in Europe, lake Como. It is believed that there…

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Beneath the surface of Europe may be the large lake
After analyzing the data of the spacecraft Galileo, astronomers came to the conclusion that under the surface of Europa (moon of Jupiter) may hide large bodies of water, equal in…

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The Lake – Nuclear – there are no birds singing, the trees are not in bloom

35 years ago, the taiga wilderness Cherdyn district, Perm region was rocked by a powerful nuclear explosion. The “mushroom” he saw the inhabitants of nearby villages for tens of kilometers.

It was one of the 715 (!) of nuclear tests for peaceful purposes on the territory of the USSR. In the 70-ies of the great minds of the great powers were often visited by ideas on how to fool mother nature. Scientists of various stripes did not give rest thought about turning the Northern rivers to fill a particular ephemeral pond in the South of the USSR. In 1971 everything was ready to implement the ambitious project, code-named “Taiga”.

The idea on paper looked quite convincing – the Pechora river connects to the bed of the Kama flows into the Volga and then fills catastrophically receding Caspian sea. However, what are the tools to dig a canal between the Pechora and Kama? Here to help the national economy and was called atoms for peace. Nuclear experts proposed to break the watershed of the two rivers nuclear explosions. The Central Committee of the CPSU, almost without hesitation, secret orders approved the project and the work started. By the spring of 71, everything was ready for the first test. The 120-meter shafts, interconnected by a maze of thick cables, lay and waited nukes. Finally the “W” has come. March 25, clicked “start”. What happened next is not known, the documents still not declassified, but the experiment was abandoned instantly. Although nearly ten years there, in the taiga swamps, was still the military and technology. According to one, during the experiment, worked three bombs, according to others only two. As a result of discharge of ground in place of a forest edge have formed a huge crater, which later filled with water and turned into a beautiful lake with water an unearthly color.

Information styrennye from various web pages and articles. Pictures from the same place. Do not judge strictly .

By the way the name is a little turned. Birds are singing and the fish is found are wonderful – 2 -3 kg handsome. And why.

And information to razmyshleniyu. They say that some of the charges and not taken, and lie quietly nuclear bombs in the mines 120 metres under the ground. Anyone nuclear bomb is not needed. Deshego. self)

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Lake Skadar, Montenegro - Montenegro Renta Car
A special place in all this splendor is a famous lake "pearl" of the Adriatic. Most of them are either in national parks or high mountains. Mountain lakes of Montenegro…

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