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Unique lake hévíz

The only one in Europe and second on the planet healing the lake, rich in natural thermal waters, is located six kilometres West of lake Balaton. It – lake hévíz, surrounded by a protected forest, which retains moisture. Thanks to this natural location of health resort hévíz is very unique and invigorating microclimate. Stunningly beautiful surface of the lake covered with red water lilies, brought here specially.

Lake Heviz in shape is a funnel. In the cave directly under him are his supply sources with different temperatures of water: mineral (+17°C) and 2 thermal switch (+42°C and +38°C). In the summer the water temperature in the lake is about +(33-34)°C, and winter – not lower than +26°C. This famous resort of Hungary attracts tourists a pleasant dip in the lake under the open sky surrounded by valleys with a mild climate even in winter. Interestingly, when the temperature is lowered, local people can hear the words: «lake smoke”, because steam was rising above it.

Due to the high temperature of the water in the lake has virtually no animal or plant world only in the upper layers can be found tiny fish. The water in the lake hévíz is fully updated for 28 hours. Every second into the lake from sources 420 l of water, slowly rotating in a clockwise direction and constantly stirred. So everywhere in the lake the water temperature is the same. The lake water through the channels and flow down into the lake.

Medical tourism . the healing properties of the thermal lake of hévíz

The extraordinary therapeutic properties of the mud lying at the depth of the heavy layer, and the mud of the lake – one of a kind on the planet. Beautiful lake in Hungary – the place where people go for treatment abroad and get a great healing effect in diseases of the locomotor system, inflammatory and rheumatic diseases.

In the lake there are pathogenic bacteria, because the flora of the sludge stands out a weak antibiotic, so the water from the mineral spring you can drink in order to cure chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Extremely beneficial the water of lake hévíz on increasing potency, improving skin condition psoriasis, the treatment of periodontal disease.

Water has a high content of magnesium, calcium, bicarbonates, radonovich and sulfur compounds. High-level Il include estrogenic compounds and mineral components. Mud bath it provide an effective therapeutic effect.

Choosing treatment in Heviz, please note that staying at this thermal lake is particularly popular for people with chronic diseases of the limbs, osteochondrosis, inactive form of gout, rheumatism. Here come those who suffer from nervous exhaustion, nervous system disorders, functional neurological diseases. The waters of the lake heal gynecological ailments, and the wonderful climate is just undergoing post-operative or post-traumatic rehabilitation.

In Heviz you can visit the healing pools and take healing carbon dioxide and mud baths, exercise therapy. Patients are offered procedures vertical extensions, normal and underwater jet massage, electrotherapy. As for medical services, then your service – best doctors-radiologists, otolaryngologists, orthopedists, ophthalmologists, neuropathologists, urologists, internists, dentists, surgeons.

Lake Heviz, among other things, – source of rejuvenation and good mood. More than 200 years, people come here to relax, gain strength and be healed of various ailments. Thermal resorts of Hungary, including the Heviz – this is the best place for comprehensive rehabilitation and comprehensive rehabilitation of the body.

Rest and treatment at the Spa of hévíz can be combined with a complete examination of the organism in one of the best Hungarian clinics. Full body diagnostics in Hungary takes 1-2 days. Diagnosis of children and adults is carried out by specially stacked programs that provide an opportunity to study fully the condition of the subject. If necessary, a full examination of the body may include specific studies, for example – early diagnosis of cancer (PET/CT) examination prior to conception of the child, tests for diabetes, etc.

Welcome to the Heviz!