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Of Karelia. Holidays in Karelia

lake Onega

Lake Onega is the second largest lake in Europe. It is smaller than half of lake Ladoga (maximum depth 120 m) and contains 3 times less water. But Onega water of very high quality: it’s cleaner than even the Ladoga and Baikal.

The length of the lake from North to South for 248 km from West to East and 96 km from the Coastline, especially in the Northern part, strongly indented. There are many capes, bays, lips and the Islands. The total number of the last 1500 — 2.5 times greater than in Ladoga lake. One of them is an architectural monument of the world level – the Kizhi Pogost. the hallmark of Karelia.

Ceaser the coast is predominantly sandy, pebbly, but there are also rocks. A number of rocky headlands and small Islands, polished glacier and Onega wave was the “leaves of the stone book,” in the Neolithic wrote a record of his life. The most famous was the Cape Besov nos, which determined the name of a large group of petroglyphs on the East shore of the lake.

The North half of the lake are composed of crystalline rocks, lofty, rugged. The southern part is characterized by smooth contours of the low-lying banks, which in the majority are covered with forests.

The bottom topography is very complex, especially in the Northern parts of the reservoir. For lake Onega is characterized by numerous pronounced increase and decrease of the bottom. Landforms mostly elongated from North-West to South – East. Typical forms are Ludi (shallow rocky shoals), Selge (deep improve the bottom with rocky and sandy soils in the southern part of the lake), underwater ridges and ridges as well as depressions and pits. Such topography creates favorable conditions for life of fish population in the lake, and yet — and luxury sport fishing.

In lake Onega found in almost all fish, known in internal reservoirs of Karelia. Its ichthyofauna is represented by the following families, species and varieties: sturgeon and sterlet; salmon lake salmon, lake trout, brook trout, lake char Luna. char pit. whitefish, vendace-Kielce, whitefish; thymallidae grayling; korolkowii – smelt; and pike – pike; carp – roach, Dace, silver bream, bream, sabrefish, crucian gold; loaches – mustached loach, these bodies of water. som – som; acne – acne; perch – pike, perch, ruff; Bychkova – slingshot Onega, sculpin ; coloscopie; cod is burbot. From minarovich common river lamprey and brook lamprey. Only in the lake Onega, found 47 species and subspecies of fish belonging to 13 families and 34 species.

When the total turbulent wind conditions over the lake Onega to the typical summer breezes when the wind blows during the day from the lake to the land, and at night — rather.

Onega lake is popular with boaters and tourists. Every year there are all-Russian sailing regatta of yachts kreysernoy “Onega”. occasionally — the festival of wooden ships “Blue Onego”; in Petrozavodsk opened Maritime Museum “Polar Odyssey”. built historic wooden vessels.

Flow into the lake at least 110 tributaries, most of which are small rivers and streams. The main tributaries of the river Vodla (149 km), Shuya (192 km), Suna (232 km) and Andama (142 km). Catchment area of these rivers is about 65% of the total area of the basin of the lake. The flow from the lake is the river Svir.

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