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Finland description

Real estate in Finland attracts those who are attracted to the unique atmosphere of this close in many ways to us the country, our nearest Northern neighbor with clear lakes, picturesque forests, ski resorts, hot sauna, and cozy opportunities for family recreation and great shopping. In addition, Finland attracts a high standard of living, social security, education and economic development, but also with a very good attitude to Russians. Clean air, healthy food and water complement positive emotions of feeling good.

Finland is in Northern Europe and has Eastern border with Russia, Northern Norway, North-West – with Sweden and sea – Estonia. Finland is the seventh largest country in Europe: its area is 338 145 sq. km From North to South it stretches about 1160 km, from East to West on 540 km it is no coincidence that Finland is called the Country of Thousands of Lakes . This is a fabulous lake district, which has about 187 888 lakes and 179 584 Islands. Before the ice age the mountains here were taller than modern Alps. The glacier cut mountains, leaving behind granite boulders and hundreds of thousands of ponds. Water covers 10% area, 69% is forest. The most famous lake Saimaa. Päijänne, Inarijärvi and oulujärvi. Rivers and lakes of Finland, with their rich fauna, considered a true Paradise for fishermen.

The capital of Finland – Helsinki . located at the very South of the country, on the Gulf of Finland. Administratively, the territory of Finland is divided into 5 provinces: South Finland (the capital is hämeenlinna), Western Finland (the capital of Turku), Eastern Finland (the capital is Mikkeli), Oulu (capital – Oulu), Lapland (capital – Rovaniemi). The population of Finland is 5 million people.

West coast and Central parts of Finland is one of the sunniest places in Northern Europe. The climate of Finland is temperate continental with mild winter (-3°C in the South to -14°C in the North) and relatively warm summers. The average temperature is about +18 °C.

For many, Finland is synonymous with winter sports. For several consecutive years, Finland is in the top 5 countries for a ski holiday of Russian tourists. It attracts a well-developed infrastructure, proximity, affordable prices and a record-long ski season from late October to mid-may. For family holidays is best of Vuokatti, which has beautiful trails as beginners, Amateurs and for professionals. The number of lifts, the variety of complexity of routes and altitudes leading ski resort of Levi .

Finland has also gained fame as great vacation spots for families with children not only in winter but in summer. In winter on New year’s day in Finland come to see what Santa Claus at his official residence Rovaniemi, and enjoy a ride on the ski resorts to enjoy winter fishing. In the summer, in addition to relaxing in the many cosy family houses and cottages on lake shores, under the soft rays of the Northern sun, it hosts a variety of festivals, there are all sorts of water parks, theme parks with dinosaurs and Mumi-trolls fishing for every taste, woods rich with berries and mushrooms. But most importantly, what unites all of the above is the high level of security, which continues to be a priority at the state level.

Come to Finland and the elderly. Here attention is paid to the construction of an exclusive and private lounge areas. and resorts in Finland are mineral springs, creating the ideal conditions for the maintenance of balneological health resorts

An integral part of Finnish lifestyle is the sauna . Sauna is in the house and a modern apartment. Sauna for Finn is heaven on earth. Steam is recommended in divided doses, increasing the residence time in the steam room. Since many of the baths are adjacent to private homes on the lakes, then steamed connoisseurs sauna and dive in the lake. In urban houses have no individual saunas in the apartments, but not necessarily available on the first floor.

Of course, a trip to Finland for the weekend, buy a cozy cottage on the lake. the most attractive for residents of St. Petersburg, Moscow, North-West zone of Russia. One of the usual Hobbies for the residents of the Northern capital, shopping is adjacent to the border with Russia in Lappeenranta and Imatra, which have become a family unit for the Russians. Russia is the largest trading partner of Finland. Only in 2012 in the Finnish consulates issued about 1.35 million visas, while Russians spent in Finland 1.1 billion euros.

Our company has over 10 years of experience with clients who choose real estate in Finland. Some prefer to buy a house on the lake. others go to the construction division of our company. In the second case, our first Finnish experts help to choose a plot of land in Finland, and then develop with our clients individual designs. After the implementation of the project, our experienced professionals provide full support at all stages of the transaction and provide after-sales service. Working with Westhome-Invest, You can feel safe and comfortable in any situation! Contact our experts and they will gladly answer all your questions.