The Lake of Sevan in Armenia
Lake Sevan The most beautiful sights in Armenia is, of course, the lake Sevan and its surroundings. And done no wonder then that every tourist who first visited Armenia, seeks…

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The Lake - Nuclear - there are no birds singing, the trees are not in bloom
35 years ago, the taiga wilderness Cherdyn district, Perm region was rocked by a powerful nuclear explosion. The "mushroom" he saw the inhabitants of nearby villages for tens of kilometers.…

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Thank you for the warming: the most northerly lake comes back to life

Lake Kaffeklubben (detsk. Kaffeklubben Sø, 83 37′) is a small (48 ha) of the eponymous island, North of Greenland, only 707 km from the pole. This is the most Northern lake on the Earth.

For a long time scientists argued about whether to receive life in such places, the impulse to reproduce as a result of nitrate pollution, or make her stop the impending effects of global warming. It seems that an international group of researchers under the guidance of Bianca Perren of the University of Franche-comté (France) managed to answer this question.

Despite the harsh living conditions, once the lake was full Kaffeklubben life in the face of cyanobacteria. The ice over the lake while constant, varying only the thickness. But even under 1-2 m of ice cyanobacteria survive. However, they are most active in summer when the air temperature above the ice reservoir is as high as +1,6 C. But more complex forms of life here. But now, but once…

3 500 years ago, when the lake had just been formed, it occupied several species of diatoms. But, according to studies of lake cores, which the authors said in the journal Geology, about 2 400 years ago, as the local temperature, the population is entirely extinct. Usually, to return, Continue reading



How many beautiful and amazing places on planet Earth? The answer to this question is nobody knows. Impossible to count them, to study, and then describe each in detail, is unrealistic. However, experts in this field of work, exploring unique places, and find there are various findings that, first defy explanation, and secondly, self-education, amazing places, causing a lot of theories, versions, disputes and extraordinary hypotheses. Of course, all of the above relate to the American state of Texas, such as unique and interesting and amazing places located in it.

There are many interesting places if possible to visit, but the most unique is the resulting lake “Hamilton Pool”, forty kilometers from the small town of Austin. The lake was formed by itself, however, as the majority of lakes on earth. Its formation was provoked by the erosion, the result of which collapsed the dome of an underground river, and formed an unusual appearance, but at the same time a beautiful lake. The uniqueness of the lake is not in its smooth shores and clean water, unique flora or overhanging the water earthen walls and ceilings, like domes, and not even in his fifteen meter waterfall. The uniqueness Continue reading