Amazing places - the devil's Garden
In Croatia there is a unique national Park Plitvice lakes (Horw. Plitvička jezera). Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock here to overjoyed to merge with the Paradise…

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Landmarks of Hungary. The hévíz lake
Holidays in Hungary are very popular among the residents of different countries. Hungarian land acquaints visitors with many interesting attractions. To the real wonders of nature, without a doubt, the…

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Tour – Amazing Lake Como from Milan in Milan – low prices when buying online at

Today we will go with you on a magnificent trip on the third largest lake in Italy, one of the deepest in Europe, lake Como. It is believed that there are some very good-natured people who are daily from their Windows see a panoramic view of lake, walk along the waterfront, breathe the wonderful air and seem genuinely happy. So on lake Como so I like to buy the Villa the rich and famous people from around the world.

Walk along the lake promenade and enjoy the spectacular views of the coastline, which is so picturesque that since ancient times attracted tourists. Scattered along the banks of charming villages where you can feel calmness and tranquility. This Como, Lecco, Cernobbio, Laglio, Colico, Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna.

Be sure to walk on the streets of Bellagio. It is on a slope, so it seems that its narrow winding streets, stairs and escape into the water. Here you can relish multi-colored houses and is almost completely surrounded the mirror-like surface. Let’s go to the observation deck Punto Lavento, offering scenic views of the huge lake. Besides, you can visit Villa Serbelloni and Melzi. Those who are seriously interested in the art of sculpture, will enjoy a trip to the town of Varenna, where nestled sculpture Museum. If desired, we can make a walk through Continue reading

Unique lake hévíz

The only one in Europe and second on the planet healing the lake, rich in natural thermal waters, is located six kilometres West of lake Balaton. It – lake hévíz, surrounded by a protected forest, which retains moisture. Thanks to this natural location of health resort hévíz is very unique and invigorating microclimate. Stunningly beautiful surface of the lake covered with red water lilies, brought here specially.

Lake Heviz in shape is a funnel. In the cave directly under him are his supply sources with different temperatures of water: mineral (+17°C) and 2 thermal switch (+42°C and +38°C). In the summer the water temperature in the lake is about +(33-34)°C, and winter – not lower than +26°C. This famous resort of Hungary attracts tourists a pleasant dip in the lake under the open sky surrounded by valleys with a mild climate even in winter. Interestingly, when the temperature is lowered, local people can hear the words: «lake smoke”, because steam was rising above it.

Due to the high temperature of the water in the lake has virtually no animal or plant world only in the upper layers can be found tiny fish. The water in the lake hévíz is fully updated for 28 hours. Every second into the lake from sources 420 l of water, Continue reading